Treat Trail Tumbler for pets


Presenting Treat Trail Tumbler a vibrant, safe, and interactive pet toy! Fill it with treats, let it roll, and watch your pets go wild. The unique slow-eating design promotes healthy digestion while keeping them entertained. Get ready for endless fun and happy pets at your store!

Product Information:
Premium quality: Crafted from high-quality ABS and PC materials, it guarantees a safe and non-toxic playtime experience for your pets.
Engaging design: With its vibrant color and rolling action, it captivates your pet's attention, providing endless entertainment.
Healthy treat time: The slow-eating inner structure controls your pet's eating speed, promoting better digestion and preventing overindulgence.
Easy treat access: The transparent storage tank allows pets to locate and enjoy their favorite treats effortlessly, enhancing the overall play experience.
Safety advisory: Please remember to supervise your pet while using the toy and ensure it is not intended for chewing to maintain safety.
Product color: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
Life stage range: Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages.
Material: Plastic
Package Contents: 1 Toy, treats not included